Thursday, June 26, 2008

Disney Sega Pluto With Puppet

Disney Sega Pluto With Puppet.
Available 1 pc only.
NOW $15.00 ONLY

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Disney Sega Painter Stitch Large Size

Disney Sega Stitch In Painter Costume.
Brand new with tags.
Large Size.
NOW $30.00 ONLY

Monday, June 16, 2008

Yujin Disney Ice Cream Mascot

Yujin Disney Ice Cream Mascot.
Brand New Sealed.
Only 2 Pc Tinkerbelle left
NOW $2.00 ONLY

Yujin Disney Cinemagic Paradise Terzo

Yujin Disney Cinemagic Paradise Terzo.
Brand New Sealed.
LEFT WITH Peter Pan B, Mickey A.
NOW $4.00 PER PC

SugarBunnies Fragrance Beads Charms

Sugarbunnies Fragrance Beads Charms.
Brand new sealed.
Only green and purple sugarbunnie
SGD$3.00 each for the green/purple sugarbunnie.
NOW $2.00 EACH

Disney Sega Pooh & Friends Tumblers

Disney Sega Pooh & Friends Tumblers Set.
Brand New.
One pooh on green tumbler and one pooh on orange tumbler available.
NOW $2.00 EACH

Yujin Disney Bag Charms

Yujin Disney Bag Charms.
Brand new sealed.
1 loose Pooh at $3.50
1 full set at $20.00

Yujin Sanrio My Melodake Squeeze

Yujin Sanrio My Melodake Squeeze.
Brand new sealed.
One set and one yellow available.

NOW $12.00 ONLY

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yujin Disney Light Up Mushrooms

Yujin Disney Light Up Mushrooms.
Brand new sealed.
1 full set available and loose pcs except chip is available
Price $3.00 each or $20 for set

Disney Pooh & Friends Egg Tumblers

Disney Pooh and Friends Egg Tumblers
Brand New.
2 poohs available.
Price $3.00 per pc

Hello Kitty Halloween Apples Straps

Sanrio Hello Kitty Halloween Apples Straps
Brand New Sealed.
One last set and one black apple available.
NOW $10.00 ONLY

Yujin Disney Pastel Key Chains

Yujin Disney Pastel Key Chains
Brand new sealed in packaging.
One set available
Price: SGD$10.00 for 1 set


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